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Thursday 8 March 2012

Some days before departure

Vaguely heard in the European news:
March 11, 2011: In Itamar, a Jewish settlement close to Nablus in the West bank, five members of a family were savagedly slaughtered. Condemnation was unanimous on the part of Israel and the international community of course, but also on the Palestinian (...)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Sunday April 3 : Brussels-Bierset-Tel Aviv-Jerusalem

This morning, we are leaving to Palestine. We, that is to say: Natalia, Laurie, Paul, Sébastian, Margot, Marie-Gaëlle and Caroline, together with our dear teacher Tanguy and former teacher Anne-Claire. We meet at Brussels North Station. Everything looks OK, nobody is late, everybody has got their (...)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Monday April 4 : East Jerusalem - the old town - Ali Jiddah and Silwan

We have breakfast crowded in one of the corners of the inn : buns filled with dates and some hot chocolate or tea we bought at the grocer’s as the one the first Taayoush Group went to in2009. He gave the impression he recognized Tanguy and Anne-Claire. It was nice of him to lend us a tray so we (...)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Tuesday April 5 : Jerusalem - Shu’fat Refugee Camp - settlements

Cold rainy day in Jerusalem. Some of us have already started coughing and blowing their nose: our clothes don’t fit this Belgian weather. We thought there would be sunshine and summerish temperatures here!...
Today, we are first going to Shu’fat refugee camp. Then Daoud has organised a (...)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Wednesday April 6 : Jerusalem - Sheikh Jarrah - Al-Arroub Refugee Camp

We have breakfast then go and visit the Al-Aqsa esplanade.
We make the most of this quiet moment before the tourists start pouring in. "Pouring" is not the exact word. Indeed it seems that everything is done (by the Israelis) to put off the visitors - limited and/or unpredictable opening (...)