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An account of our fabulous two-week-long trip to Palestine in April 2009

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Thursday 7 January 2010

Sunday April, 12 - Nablus / Refugee camp of Balata

Nablus-day today. Martine, Tarek, Mohammed (our little singing bird) and Oussama are coming with us as well as Ty and Michaël. (Mazen got lectured by his father who wants his son to stay in Aida and study : our young friends are indeed all having their final exams now. They study all nights long (...)

Friday 8 January 2010

Monday April, 13 : Aidacamp —> Bethlehem

This morning, we all have a lie in, then scattered breakfast... We haven’t planned much for today : we have the preceding days to stomach!...
Yet Théodore, Diane, Louise, Sophie, Julien and Laetitia eventually leave with the necessary material for the promised activities at the kindergarten they (...)

Saturday 9 January 2010

Tuesday April, 14: Aida —> Bethlehem —> Jerusalem

Our last day in Aida. We keep ourselves busy to prevent sadness overtaking us : have breakfast, pack our cases and bags, a cleaning-team to return a spotless Guest House to our hosts, another pictorial-art-team who, pots of paint under the arms, go in search of a patch of the wall that (...)

Saturday 9 January 2010

Wednesday, April 15 : Jerusalem —> Tel Aviv —> Jaffa

We are happy to have breakfast on the terrace we already know. Then it’s up to everybody : go for a stroll inside the souks of the old town of Jerusalem and/or visit the David’s Tower, which reminds us of the extent to which History can be re-written (this tower is in fact a mi-na-ret, not a (...)

Saturday 9 January 2010

Thursday, April 16 : Jaffa —> Tel Aviv —> Belgium

Morning in Jaffa for « the more than 25 », flea-market and ice-cream : we bump into our Jesus and his Magdalen ! Incredible but true.
While sauntering about the streets and booths, Anne-Claire and Laetitia can’t help sticking here and there some of the stickers Daoud has given us. How long will (...)